Oil Field Supplies

Oil Field Supplies & Equipment

LAN Group has an extensive history in the oil field industry. With a strong focus in consulting with firms based in Sub-Saharan Africa and South America, LAN Group has brought together European, Canadian and American firms to help in the growth and sustainability of local African and South American firms. Working with companies such as Pemex, PDVSA, Weatherford, Impact Oil Supplies, Norris, Dansco Pumping Jacks, Arrow Engines, among others, LAN Group is able to distribute a full line of Onshore and Offshore oil field supplies such as pumping jacks, valves, line pipe, whipstocks,sucker rods etc and all sizes of Line Pipe and drilling Pipe. LAN Group has also supplied logistical expertise to such firms as Cobalt Energy, Maersk, Weatherford and more.

A catalog can be provided upon request.